Sé grèn diri ki fè sak diri
Great oaks from little acorns grow.
Trinidad & Tobago

So British and so Caribbean at a time Trinidad & Tobago offers a unique opportunity to all those who hesitate between rain showers and sun. You will  improve your language skills while interacting in a Caribbean English working environment in the area of your interest, get familiar with the Friday nights looming and TGIF-spirit ... and maybe even adopt the Trinidadian Carnival !
Lodging provided in host families or B&B.
Optional English lessons and British Council's exams available with extra fee.
Average delay to get your internship confirmation: 2 months.
Cost for a 2 months internship: from 905 € up. 
Inclusive: placement fee, lodging without meals, airport transfer and visa fee.
An additional 8 € / per day is required for half-board: breakfast and dinner. Language courses prior to the internship or on spot and airfares are not included in the price. 
Cost for an additional month of internship: 250 €.
Estimated personnal expenses monthly:  200,00 $US / month.  



Money : 1 TTD (Trinidadian dollar) =  0,12 € /  0,16 $US. You can easily find to change € or $US to TTD in local banks. 
Communication : You may need to buy a SIM card (approximately 25.00 TT) in order for your cell phone to work while you are in T&T. There are many outlets at which you could purchase either bMobile or Digicel cards. Both are available in dimensions of $10, $15, $20, and higher. It is sometimes said that, “...Trinis speak fast...” If you do not understand what someone says to you, please ask the person to repeat slowly.

Transports :
Get information from someone you trust before using public transportation. That information should include: 
-  specific directions to your destination
-  the cost of the trip 

Taxis : Travel only in vehicles that begin with “H” on the license plate! 

Clothing : Find out about appropriate attire (casual business may be the norm) for your internship site and represent yourself well. Something on the order of tee shirts and jeans are preferred at school. Please no short-short pants, see-through or low-cut tops or rubber flip flops.

Association loi 1901
2 lot Cysique, Montmain
97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe French West Indies 
+590 690 442 497
skype : ekiways

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How does it work?
1. Download the form.
2. Fill it in on line.
3. Then, according to your choice: print the form (paper) and send it to us by regular mail; print / convert the form as "pdf" and send it to us by email. Please note! you cannot save the form on line, you will loose all information if you try to send the form directly by email without converting it first to a "pdf" document.

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