Sé grèn diri ki fè sak diri
Great oaks from little acorns grow.

EKIWAYS organizes Work experience placements for individual candidates in Guadeloupian and Caribbean companies or institutions which fit your personal interests, academic goals and background as closely as possible. Housing assistance, language preparation and cultural immersion courses are also included for each internship placement upon arrival.

Some of the areas where internships can be offered:

  • Tourism;
  • Media & Communications;
  • Nursing;
  • Administration, Services;
  • Catering

The internship can be done at any  moment of the year and may take place in any of the 27 districts of the island of Guadeloupe.

 EKIWAYS services included in our Internship package:

  • Assistance and guidance to prepare your resume and internship cover letter according to the French standards, if needed;
  • Contacts with Guadeloupian companies on your behalf to inquire about the internship possibility;
  • Rent for your accommodation with a host family or in single apartment.
  • Airport pick up upon arrival and check in assistance at your accommodation, help to get settled in, etc;
  • 2 week intensive French language course, orientation & cultural immersion upon arrival and prior to the beginning of the Internship;
  • Assistance and follow-up for the duration of the internship; weekly meetings with the on-site coordinator.

                           A complimentary Travel insurance can be provided upon request.

Cost for the Internship program:
The cost for the Internship may vary based on the duration, the type of accommodation and other factors. The average cost for an Internship of 2 months with all mentioned EKIWAYS services included is: 2 550.00 €.
A two months Internship program can be extended up to 6 months* upon request for an extra fee of some 750,00 € / month.
Not included in the price: airfare, language courses after the two first weeks.
Recommended monthly amount of money: minimum 300,00 euros.
(* 6 months available for European candidates, non European candidates cannot extend the internship for more than 3 months).

Internships are usually unpaid. An eventual compensation is subject to the sole company’s internship compensation policies.


How to enroll? 

Simply send your Workexperience application to us at ekiways@gmail.com including:
- Your Internship application form signed (to be downloaded on the web site)
- Resume and CV
- Cover letter for your internship which is addressed to the potential employers and includes a detailed description of the internship you would like to complete, your qualifications, professional goals and reason for completing an internship abroad.
Ensure that your application reaches us latest 4 months prior to your desired Internship starting date.

Forms to download

How does it work?
1. Download the form.
2. Fill it in on line.
3. Then, according to your choice: print the form (paper) and send it to us by regular mail; print / convert the form as "pdf" and send it to us by email. Please note! you cannot save the form on line, you will loose all information if you try to send the form directly by email without converting it first to a "pdf" document.

Association loi 1901
2 lot Cysique, Montmain
97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe French West Indies 
+590 690 442 497
skype : ekiways

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Methods of payment


Practical information:

Guadeloupe is one of the most dynamic French departments with regards to the number of new enterprises. In 2010 there were over 5 000 new entreprises registered on the island.
The particularity on one hand is the predominance of micro-entreprises, on the other a strong expansion of the service sector. In total there are some 30 000 entreprises of which 70% belong to the commerce and reparation sector, education and social care.
The entrepreneur is more likely to be a woman in Guadeloupe: 37 % of all the entrepreneurs as against 29% in France (mainland).


Work in Guadeloupe

The French Employment law applies in Guadeloupe as in all French departments. The leagal lenght of the work week is 35 hours. Unlike in France the work day may start earlier, as early as 7am in many entreprises. Naturally, a professional attire (but not formal) is required in all workplaces.  

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