Sé grèn diri ki fè sak diri
Great oaks from little acorns grow.
WORKEXPERIENCE 2 to 6 months internship abroad

This program aims at offering our members a professional and intercultural experience in a Caribbean or European work environment. 

The specific objectifs of WORKEXPERIENCE are:
- to strengthen your language skills;
- to increase your awareness of intercultural issues;
- to help you build your own professional address book thanks to new international contacts.


Open to all candidates who meet the following criteria:

Minimum 18 years old.
• Some spoken and written proficiency (preferably a B1 level) in French/ English/ Spanish language is required.
• Practical experience in the desired field of the internship or a study plan related to the field will be appreciated.

Please note that the professional attitude of the candidate will naturally determinate the success of the internship, as well as the partnership between the enterprise and EKIWAYS.
The internship can be completed at any time of the year. Please make sure that you meet any visa requirements by the relevant government.


Download the Application form. Fill it in carefully and send it back to us.
• For any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us at +590 690 442 497 or

Privacy statement :

All information provided will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party unless it is directly connected with the internship placement process.



Before your departure:
• An individualized interview in order to assess your level of command in English / Spanish, to specify your expectations regarding the
• Assistance to present your CV, resume and cover letters according to the country's standards;
• An internship placement that matches as closely as possible your wishes;
• Lodging in an apartment or with a host famiy, depending on destinations;
• Assistance and practical informations prior to your departure, in particular regarding the immigration documents;
• A cultural preparation prior to your departure;
• If needed, an intensive language training for 2 weeks prior to your departure;
• Assistance in  finding funds to finance your internship;
• Optional Travel insurance.

Upon your arrival and during the internship:
• Airport reception, help for installation, … ;
• Meeting with your on site coordinator (introduction to the entreprise, advice regarding your new environment…);
• Support and follow-up during the duration of your internship;
• Rent of your lodging;
• Optional with extra fee: language course on spot.

After the end of your internship:
A certificate of internship;
• An evaluation ex-post of your experience. .


The intern commits:
•to sign an internship agreement that specifies the relation between the intern, the host entreprise and EKIWAYS ;
•to fulfil the tasks and responsibilities as definied in the internship agreement;
• to show a professional attitude all the way through the internship.

The host entreprise commits :
• to sign with the intern and EKIWAYS the internship agreement that speficies the relation between the three;
• to see to the quality of the internship offered and to that it will be rewarding to the intern.
Association loi 1901
2 lot Cysique, Montmain
97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe French West Indies
+590 690 442 497
skype : ekiways

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Methods of payment



How does it work?
1. Download the form.
2. Fill it in on line.
3. Then, according to your choice: print the form (paper) and send it to us by regular mail; print / convert the form as "pdf" and send it to us by email. Please note! you cannot save the form on line, you will loose all information if you try to send the form directly by email without converting it first to a "pdf" document.

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