Sé grèn diri ki fè sak diri
Great oaks from little acorns grow.

Guadeloupe is a Caribbean island located in the Leeward Islands, in the Lesser Antilles, with a land area of 1,628 square kilometres (629 sq. mi) and a population of some 450,000. Arawak Native Americans first lived on the island, but there is only little reminding from their presence today.  Guadeloupe was discovered by C. Columbus in 1493. For three hundred years (1634 - 1946) the island was governed by France, then taken over by England before given  back again to France. Today it is an overseas region of France, an integral part of the Republic.
Guadeloupe is made of two separate islands : Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. Each has its own specific character and landscape. Basse-Terre in the west hosts one of the seven National Parks in France, considered as one of the most significant tropical reserves in the Caribbean. The volcano "La Soufrière", numerous waterfalls and rivers offer beautiful trails for hiking.  La Grande-Terre for its part, is a limestone plateau with a climate rather dry, with white sand beaches, coral reafs and turquoise waters. These two islands concentrate most of the business.  The three smaller islands of Marie-Galante, La Désirade and the Îles des Saintes, included in Guadeloupe Archipelago, have preserved the Caribbean relaxed rhythm of life.  

Most of the people in Guadeloupe are of African descent. However cultural influence from Europe and Asia (India) and to some extend  from Syrian-Lebanese world are tangible in daily-life situations. The island thus combines  its Creole culture, result of all the different cultural heritages,  with a strong French stamp. In other words this tropical island shares the national passion for good food and a natural sense of "joie de vivre"!


Group, duo or individual travel, come and discover the true character of the island... and why not make up your own program "A la carte".

Full immersion in Guadeloupe

A five full days program focusing on culture and language.
The program takes you to meet artists, handicrafts, men and women involved in the community; gives you an insight of the tradition but also the issues of today’s economics and leads you on the paths of sustainable development in the midst of the tropical nature.
Each program contains always sessions to improve your language knowledge in French and / or in Creole.
Dates in 2012 : 12.03. – 16.03.
                       11.06. – 15.06.
                       15.10. – 19.10.

Minimum number of participants required: 4.
The prices include: the program as described with all ground transportations and entries.
Lodging on request: in self-catering studios from 2 up to 7 persons, in Hotel Residences or similar. Near  town centre with a choice of restaurants and cafés.
Full immersion from: 875,00 euros on.


« Specials » with a seasonal theme:

Sun 19.02. – Fri 24.02.   –
Carnival Special: live the guadeloupean Carnival from inside, admire the parades and participate yourself to 
the one of Ash Wednesday with one of the local groups.

Mon 02.04. – Sun 08.04. –
Caribbean Easter Special with its crab based traditional specialities.

Mon 21.05. – Sun 27.05. – Festival Créole Blues: end your program on the island of Marie-Galante surrounded by the rhythms of one
of the most famous Festivals of the island.

Mon 11.08. – Sat 11.08. – Fête des Cuisinières: flattering the creole gastronomie.

Mon 17.12 – Sun 24.12. – Christmas in the West Indies Special with Christmas markets and the traditional “Nwèl kakado”- event in Vieux-Habitants.


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