Sé grèn diri ki fè sak diri
Great oaks from little acorns grow.

« Bwa pli wo di li wè lwen, men grenn pwomennen di li wè pli lwen pase-l !»
(a haitian proverb: The biggest tree says he can see far, but the seed that walks around says it sees far further away than the tree !)

Assobraham - our partner

Association Abraham was founded in 2006 by a couple of young people representing several evangelical churches in Montrouis. Today there are some 85 members, most of them aged between 15 and 25 years and singing in a gospel chorus named "Chorale Abraham". Involved in the local community from the very beginning Assobraham runs, among other activities, street cleaning campaigns to increase the awarness of the population of the environment issues.
A group of fifteen young people from the Association did a basic tourist guide training with EKIWAYS in December 2011. As an outcome of this training three different hiking itineraries were identified, one of them even tested... and the very first Assobraham map of Montrouis was edited (see below)! 
More training sessions have been planed for 2012. 

    Byen vini nan Monwi!


Discover Montrouis with EKIWAYS :
- a history and undreamed landscapes;  
- a rich cultural and historical heritage; ;
- a project to help young people create their own work;
- authentic and intense moments, like as many
  unforgottable memories.  

Montrouis and its surroundings hide numerous treasures to be discovered.  Therefore our local partner Asoociation Abraham has set up two different products for visitors. Those who love hiking can take a tour (choice of three different difficulty levels) accompanied by guides from the Association. Those not so sports minded  can participate to a cultural workshops and learn about local cooking or traditions. These activities enable the Association to pay a salary to the young guides, to spare money for other projects which will provide benefits to the community as a whole, to master the development of their services and products. .
Please remember that when you decide to come with EKIWAYS 25% of the total cost of your stay (except airfare and administration fees) go to a special Development Fund managed by a Committee whose members are members of the local community. The Committee is in charge of the follow-up of  the products and services, and the financing of new local projects.
Local initiative:
The construction of a Creole Snack Bar will be the first local project supported and managed by the recently created Development Fund. A place to meet with local people, to display handicrafts and other local products, the Snack Bar will have a strong social and economic importance. It  will provide 4 to 5 direct jobs for young people in the village. To this has to be added all the indirect work opportunities among suppliers of various kinds. Also the training programs that are to be implemented will benefit for many more than only the staff of the Snack Bar.

Montrouis (click on the map to enlarge it)

EKIWAYS invites you for a couple of days in an undiscovered Haiti in the village of Montrouis, on the Arcadins coast at some 75 kms north of the capital Port-au-Prince. 

In a green setting between the chain of Matheux mountains and the white sand beaches of the Gônave Bay, the village of Montrouis has an existence at a time quiet and arduous.  In the past there used to be a rich colonial history as shown by the Museum of  Moulin sur Mer and some ruins still visible in the centre. Today however, the village lives from fishing, food crops and small retail commerce. Contrary to regions more to the South, the earthquake did not really hit Montrouis. Maybe for this reason numerous people have taken refuge here since January 2010.  Over 70% of the population is without a regular job. The situation is particularly difficult among young people whether they have diplomas or not. 

Association loi 1901
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Methods of payment

EKIWAYS' commitment

Clair sharing out and openness regarding the financial resources resulting of your sustainable stay. EKIWAYS commits to ensure you full transparency in the information we provide you about the different components of your stay. 

In addition, a specific Fund based on debits made on the total cost of your stay (except airfares and coordination costs) is dedicated to finance local development related projects. The Fund is implemented and managed by a local Steering Committee. You will have the opportunity to meet the members of the Committee during your stay and to follow the progress of those projects that EKIWAYS is supporting.  

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